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COVID-19 Corona virus Telemedicine & Telehealth Consultants

Even in pandemics patients need to be seen.  Now with Medicare’s recent emergency changes to HIPAA requirements telemedicine has never been a better choice than now.  We can help you find the right companies and customized platforms that will get your practice back up and seeing patients virtually.  Features include virtual office visits, remote diagnostic monitoring, remote EMR access and interfacing, and more…  Whether it’s learning how virtual care can benefit your practice, customer experience, or just provide a way for patients to be cared for in a crisis, our telehealth consulting experts will help you plan for success.

We’re dedicated to making sure that your virtual care program will help you provide patient care in this time of crisis, and will be there to assist your transition with a customized platform for your practice. We are your on-demand telehealth solution!


Deliver health services from your home, office or when traveling.


Use your private computer with a camera and high-speed internet

Extra Income

Offer additional or non-standard appointment hours

Secure and Private

HIPAA-compliant service platforms

Computer Dr of NJ Telehealth Services

Choose the local Top IT Consultants that will ensure a successful transition into you into a telehealth or telemedicine practice to provide better care for patients during the COVID-19 epidemic.  Make patient care more accessible to vitalizing your clinical practice.

There are many telehealth services available that can help you see patients virtually; each can be customized to your practice’s needs.

Video Health

A conference in which participants in different locations are able to communicate with each other in sound and vision.

Store and forward

The transmission of digital information (e.g., imaging) to another health professional for a consultation/evaluation.

Remote patient monitoring

The collection and transmission of health and medical data (e.g., blood pressure and glucose test results) to a physician.

Mobile health and education

The information provided to patients via mobile apps and devices.

Telehealth Project Customers

Testimonials from recent Computer DR of NJ telemedicine implementations.

Cardiology Firm – During the Corona COCID-19 computer dr got us back up in running to see patients.  They understood our need and expedited the process finding us direct vendors that interfaced with our current EMR system.  We are now ready to launch our new Virtual Practice and care for our patients again.   Thank you Computer Dr of NJ, and our patients thank you too!

Princeton ENT: Computer Dr of NJ has always provided the quick solutions we needed during the COVID-19 Crisis

Manalapan Cosmetic Center: The consultants at Computer DR of NJ helped us get remote access to our onsite EMR system and found us a telemedicine solution to allow us to continue to see patients with little downtime. All we had to do is contact Computer Dr and explain our issues then they took care of the rest. We were back up and running seeing patients within a week!

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