What are IT NJ Managed Services?

Because technology’s role in business is no longer limited to IT, enterprises now rely on technology for a full range of business enhancements from controlling costs to increasing innovation—all in an effort to gain a strategic advantage.

Managing that technology means building a team of skilled technicians who have the tools needed to maintain and advance the organization’s technology. The sheer financial burden of an in-house IT department can overwhelm many organizations.

That’s why more and more companies are turning to IT Managed Services Providers (IT MSPs) to assess risk, reduce outage time, monitor the system, prevent problems, fix others, and generally save time and money. Managed Services are not the same as having a virtual CIO. A vCIO offers a business-focused quality control mechanism.

Technology changes rapidly. Many of today’s most common cybersecurity threats didn’t exist five years ago. Plus, new technology is just beginning to disrupt a whole range of industries, and software updates are rolling around more and more often. In spite of this evolution, however, the IT budget often stays pretty fixed.

By taking advantage of managed services, businesses can hand off IT management to an outsourced firm called a Managed Services Provider (MSP). Computer DR of NJ is a Managed IT Services NJ provider.

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What can an IT MSP do for your business?

Long ago, MSPs started with a “break-fix” model. Essentially, businesses paid a monthly retainer to keep a computer mechanic on standby in case of emergency. This approach resulted in extended downtime, expired antivirus protection, outdated software, and lost opportunity.

Today, businesses contract with MSPs to monitor their technology 24/7/365, to anticipate and prevent problems, and to resolve any issues that arise. Each contract establishes the MSP’s scope of work so it is unique to the business’ individual needs.

By using Managed Services, businesses can refocus their internal resources on strategic initiatives, stay ahead of potential data leaks or downtime, and make use of a sophisticated technology team.


Intitial Consultation

Our team will meet with you and discuss your goals.



Computer DR will survey your network and assess how it currently aligns with your goals.


Create a Plan

Computer DR will create an action plan and present it, answering any concerns or questions you may have.

Implement Plan

Once we have confirmed your needs are met Computer DR will implement our action plan.

Why are Professional Offices Demanding Managed Services?

Does technology just support your business, or is it driving innovation throughout your entire industry?
IT Managed Services began as a “break-fix” offer, but for large companies, they soon swelled into a full array of benefits. Small and mid-size businesses continued to rely on the crisis intervention approach for many years due to the high costs of a Managed Services Provider (MSP). With the advent of remote monitoring and management tools, however, IT MSPs moved rapidly into the enterprise space.

In fact, tech group CompTIA predicts that by the year 2021, IT managed services will be a $193B industry, having grown at annual rate of 12.5% since 2014. Small and mid-size enterprises are propelling much of that growth.