Broad IT familiarity

Computer DR of NJ can be your “single source” vendor.

Most companies do not offer comprehensive, reliable IT support for customers. The trouble with this “hands off” approach to IT support is that many issues cannot be resolved without attention to both the application side (your software) and the IT side (connectivity, hardware, networks).

In fact, many negative reviews of  billing and customer contact systems involve hardware errors, connectivity issues, integration breakdowns, tablet/device problems, and slow performance. If you call your vendor’s software support line, often the person taking your call will not be able to troubleshoot IT issues. Even your 3rd party local IT group may struggle with diagnosing and resolving IT issues if they aren’t familiar with your electronic documentation or professional software suite.

In order to maximize the efficiency of our customer’s systems, Computer DR of NJ offers a comprehensive IT department that can troubleshoot and resolve all issues remotely. By using Computer DR of NJ for your IT support needs, you have one number to call for every issue – improving the productivity of your staff by speeding the resolution of your issues.

Our Mission

Computer DR of NJ will provide not just general IT but specialized IT Support.

Exceptional Service

Many of our clients have been with us for long periods of time, many having come from poor experiences with Large MSPs. Excellent response time and resolution are usually featured in their feedback.


When  you call for help you want to be heard and have a successful resolution of the problem. Computer DR of NJ prides ourselves on both accounts.

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